I’m Cadia, I’m the owner of the B&B and I belong to the large “Sugarì” family. However, don’t look for this name in any official list, you will not find it. In fact this is a family nickname belonging to the local tradition and deriving from the old local language. I speak not only Italian but also English, French and German.

The building where the B&B is located was built at the beginning of the 20th century. The flat has belonged to my family for three generations and for this reason I thought that this was the right name for the B&B, to welcome you in a simple, friendly, traditional and respectful way, as we are here in Marche region.

By the way, in the B&B hall you will find one classic fedora hat which never missed in the important events of the Sugary family, an act of love for our roots as “marchigiani” people.

For those of you booking minimum a three-overnight stay, a free-of-charge lesson of grandma Bice, teaching you how to prepare hand-made Italian pasta or a ticket to visit all our museums.

We wait for you.

Cadia Carloni
Tel. +39 335 1943282

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