The house where Da Sugarì B&B is located, with its brick façade and original iron knockers at the street door, was built at the beginning of the 20th century by a rich family, for their son who was going to get married. The building was then split into flats and sold to different owners; after the Second World War the flat at the first floor was bought by the Pelagalli-Carloni family, nicknamed Sugarì, who also enlarged the house during the Fifties. The flat has been restructured and given over to the B&B in 2013; it is made up of three bedrooms, each if them with an internal toilet and a shower, and of a comfortable living room with balcony as well as a charming little kitchen.

Da Sugarì B&B is in Mazzini Avenue, that is in the town centre, close to shops, bars, ice-cream shops, pizzerias and to a wide free-of-charge public car park. The quiet public monumental garden “Giuseppe Coletti” with its huge and ancient trees and its children games area is also very close. In 5 minutes walk you can reach the magnificent Piazza del Popolo and behind it you find Montenero hill, with its medieval suburb at the bottom and Castello al Monte on the top. Looking out from the balcony of Da Sugarì is like being at a theatre balcony, you can watch the busy and vibrating life of a typical Italian small town with all its peculiarities and curiosities, you will never get bored!

The rooms with their colours, decorations and forniture in some details remind the local history from the beginning until today: in the hall, the Picenes are evoked through the representation of the green woodpecker which, according to the legend, led them to Monte Penna; in the dining room, the small mosaics reminding the roman municipium of Septempeda; in Fratelli Salimbeni bedroom, the wall colors and upper decoration are linked to Salimbeni’s freskoes and to flowery gothic style, in Crivelli bedroom, the typical drawings of renaissance drapings, in Aleandri bedroom the elegance and purity of neoclassical style typical of the 19th century. These small particulars anticipate you the many hidden jewels of San Severino Marche, set in the gentle and quiet hills of Marche region and Macerata province.

The three bedrooms are simple and cosy, contain some original furniture from the late Nineteenth century – beginning of the Twentieth Century, inherited from Sugarì to Sugarì, such as two chests, one double bed, a mirror, some original artifacts of the descendants of Aleandri, a chandelier of blown glass, all of them restored in the respect of their original shape. Salimbeni and Aleandri bedrooms are at disposal of the B&B, while Crivelli bedroom is currently for the private use of the family.

You can see the pictures of the rooms in this web site either in the Home page and clicking on “The Rooms” menu on the top.

In the B&B you will find documentation and useful information to organize your stay in the city, visit the places of greatest interest, take advantage of local services, possibly participate in cooking classes or other activities.

In short, you will find a place where you can experience the traditions of Marche region and is at the same time creative and cosy, perfectly inserted in the territory that you chose for your vacation or stay. I hope that it will contribute to preserve in you, once returned home, a pleasant memory of what you have seen and experienced in our marvellous region.