This page is dedicated to the many friends of Da Sugarì B&B, starting from those who worked to realize it.

First of all, my special thanks to the people and companies appointed for the building renovation, all of them working in a very professional way.
For the structural works and the plants: Maurizio Gazzellini, Angelo, Claudio and Sandro of Dignani Impianti, Nello Halimi, Francesco Di Bella, Maurizio Bordi, Sandro Tartabini, James Lullo, Dino Colombi of Coar. For the materials selection, Enrico of Bonci company and Andrea of Angeloni P.e M. as well as the companies Gregorietti, Soverchia Marmi, Color Parati, OK Ferramenta, Isoterm, Mille Colori, Sordi Impianti, Indesit Company and Best. In addition to them, many thanks to Nicola Fat for the creative and precise wall painting, Emanuele Ticà of Mastro T. together with Giulia Casoni for the perfect restauration of antique family forniture and again Emanuele for his artistic flair and big attention to details in the production of the new timber forniture in the kitchen and in Salimbeni room, Michele Biangi for the wrought-iron forniture, FM company for the new timber doors, Paolo Paoloni for the eco-fixtures, Ciclosi for lighting equipment. Erica and Gianluigi of Il Mondo di Talia shop gave me the materials and above all the valuable expert advice for the realization of the wall decorations. Luca Bordi helped me to select this website, to set up the structure and the design, to index it. The pages organization, the texts and the translations have been made by me directly.
In addition, my thanks to my perfect surveyor and nephew Valerio Sclavi, together with the local offices of Town Planning, Maintenance, Police, Productions for the authorizations granted, Assem and Prometeo for the new gas connection, Manila Amici for the eco-certificates, my niece Cristina, my cousin Velio with his wife Cristina for their constant support and help, my cousin Dina for the very particular embroidery, my children and my husband Mirko for the decorations in the B&B and the pictures in this website, Lalla and Gianfra for their suggestions, B&B’ s neighbors for their patience notwithstanding the dust and noise during the renovation of the flat. I am sorry with those which I have eventually forgotten to mention.

A particular thought goes to my sisters Carla and Clara, to my parents Elio and Maria, to my ancestors with my beloved grandmother Giulia, my uncles, aunts and their descendants, all of them being a part of Sugarì family.

We hope you will find fully at ease with us and that you will preserve a dear memory of your stay in San Severino Marche.

Cadia Carloni