In short

Q?Where is Da Sugarì B&B?

Da Sugarì B&B is in town centre, five minutes on foot to Piazza del Popolo which is the very heart of the old town.

Q?How do I reach Da Sugarì B&B by car?

If you come from Castelraimondo, take the second exit to San Severino Marche. Enjoy the enchanting view of Castello al Monte from the short ring road and turn right before reaching the big roundabout; then follow the signs to town centre. When you are at the train level crossing, turn left to the railway station parking (FS).
If you come from Cingoli or from Treia, reach the big roundabout after the hospital and follow the signs to town centre. Drive under the flyover and follow the signs to town centre again. When you are at the train level crossing, turn left to the railway station parking place (FS).
If you come from Tolentino or from Serrapetrona, follow the signs to town centre and you easily reach the railway station parking place (FS) before the public garden.

Park your car at the railway station parking place, close to the small roundabout with the fountain in the centre. Get off from your car, you have almost arrived.

At this point, your shoulders to the railway station, look in front of you: Da Sugarì B&B is located on the first floor in the same building where you find Bordi café & pizzeria as well as Il Mondo di Talia arts shop. Welcome!!!

In the Home page slide show you also find a pcture showing viale Mazzini and G. Coletti monumental public garden.

Q?Which are the main characteristics of Da Sugarì B&B?

The building was built at the beginning of the 20th century, however the flat is brand new, being restored end of 2013.
It is situated in the town centre, close to Piazza del Popolo, with shops and parking places nearby.

Each bedroom is provided with a private toilet and shower, TV and free-of-charge wi-fi and it recalls a significant personality or historical age of our town.

Cadia, the owner, together with her family, is happy to give you all useful information for a particular and pleasant stay, in which you can have the possibility to discover the many hidden treasures or our territory, so full of history and of simple but sound traditions.

If you stay more than three nights, you can choose between a free-of-charge ticket to visit our museums or a free-of-charge lesson of grandma Bice teaching you how to cook Italian home-made pasta.

Q?How many rooms are there in Da Sugary B&B?

Da Sugarì B&B has three bedrooms at disposal of our guests, that is, Salimbeni, Aleandri and Crivelli rooms.

All the bedrooms are provided with a private toilet and shower, a TV and free wi-fi.

Select “Rooms” menu on the top to see the pictures and check the price.

Q?Which are the three most important things in San Severino Marche?

1) Salimbeni brothers freskoes painted during 15th century

2) Elcito and Canfaito plateau with its enchanting ancient beech-trees

3) … up to you to discover the third one, you will be spoilt for choice!!!!

Q?Which are the three religious miracles said to happen in San Severino Marche?

1) The small timber statue representing Mother Mary with Jesus (Pietà), inside Glorioso sanctuary, shed real tears in 1519. The sanctuary was built due to this miracle, to preserve the small but very valuable statue. It was entrusted to the Dominicans care and during the 16th century the place was second only to Loreto santuary in Marche region for importance and number of visitors;

2) Holy lights at Madonna dei Lumi sanctuary: for one hour, in the night between January 16th and 17th in 1584, an image representing Mother Mary with her Child, painted on a pillar by Giangentile son of Lorenzo d’Alessandro, was lit by planty of lights coming from the sky directly onto the painting. Two flares from the painting lit back to the sky as well. This event happened repeatedly in the following days and was seen by many people. First of all a small church was built and then the current sanctuary in 1657;

3) According to the popular tradition, two miracles characterized the transfer of the holy body of bishop San Severino from Septempeda to Montenero during 7th century: Potenza river opened its waters when the ox-cart arrived at its bank and oxes stopped and refused to continue when they arrived at the place where today the ancient cathedral (Duomo Vecchio) is. The body of the saint is still inside this church. A tapestry exhibited at the Pinacoteca shows this transfer of the saint.

Nowadays, many pilgrims visit the chapel where patron saint San Severino is buried, in the ancient Cathedral situated in Castello al Monte, on the top of the hill above the town. Also the local saint San Pacifico is visited by many pilgrims, in the sactuary named San Pacifico. People go to ask for an intercession or to thank these saints for small personal miracles said to happen still today.

Q?Is Potenza river, crossing San Severino Marche, navigable?

Like all rivers in Marche region, Potenza river, named Flosis by the ancient Romans, although being the longest one has a limited flow, a limited width and it’s not deep at all. It’s however such a fashinating area, like all wild places in nature.

For the most passionate of you, we recommend a tour by rubber dinghy on Potenza river, a unique and unforgettable experience!